Historic Seattle

Mission: “Saving meaningful places to foster lively communities”

Historic Seattle is a local non-profit development authority to focuses on preserving Seattle’s heritage. Historic Seattle seeks to accomplish their mission through education, advocacy, and preservation. Link to website here.

Washington Trust for Historic Preservation

Mission: “Dedicated to saving places that matter in Washington State and promoting sustainable and economically viable communities through historic preservation.”

The Washington Trust for Historic Preservation seeks to be a voice for preservation in the state of Washington through advocacy, education, collaboration, and stewardship. Link to website here.

Research and Policy Lab

Mission: “Conduct innovative research and develop new policies to help conserve and reuse older buildings.”

The Research and Policy Lab (formerly Preservation Green Lab) conduct in depth research studies to find connections between older buildings and a range of positive economic, social, and environmental outcomes. Link to website here.


Mission: “As the cultural funding agency for King County, Washington, 4Culture works to make our region vibrant.”

4Culture focuses on the 4 topics which include arts, heritage, historic preservation, and public arts. Link to website here.